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Staff Directory


Photo of Bryan Burns

Bryan Burns


Photo of Bonnie Whitford

Bonnie Whitford

Assistant Principal

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Sheona Bonertz

Sheona Bonertz

Admin. Asst.

Photo of Lindsay Dyer

Lindsay Dyer

Admin. Asst.


placeholder image for Erica Bronkhorst

Erica Bronkhorst

placeholder image for Rob Charchun

Rob Charchun

Off Campus Coordinator

Phone: 403-682-9881

Photo of Ashtyn Duncan

Ashtyn Duncan

Photo of Travis Epp

Travis Epp

placeholder image for Zach Harris

Zach Harris

Photo of Neil Lamont

Neil Lamont

placeholder image for Nolan Little Bear

Nolan Little Bear

placeholder image for DJ McDougall

DJ McDougall

Photo of Stephanie Monteith

Stephanie Monteith

Photo of Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver

placeholder image for Cassie Rapuano

Cassie Rapuano

Photo of Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson

placeholder image for Susan Robinson

Susan Robinson

Photo of Kevin Sheen

Kevin Sheen

Photo of Miranda Teneycke

Miranda Teneycke

Photo of Robbie Van Orman

Robbie Van Orman

Photo of Randy Whitehead

Randy Whitehead

Athletic Director

Photo of Daphne Yoner

Daphne Yoner


placeholder image for Colette Forseille

Colette Forseille

placeholder image for Lyla Stephens

Lyla Stephens

Family School Liaison Counsellor

Student Services

Photo of Christina Bazell

Christina Bazell

Career Practitioner

Support Staff

Photo of Carina Carlier-Sissons

Carina Carlier-Sissons


placeholder image for Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark

Learning Commons

placeholder image for Carol Giesbrecht

Carol Giesbrecht


placeholder image for Sandra Hankey

Sandra Hankey


Photo of Renee Hochstein

Renee Hochstein


Photo of Shelby Kleinhans-Kaupp

Shelby Kleinhans-Kaupp


placeholder image for Billi Lowe

Billi Lowe


Photo of Angela Pernal

Angela Pernal


placeholder image for TJ Ratzloff

TJ Ratzloff


Photo of Katelyn Reimer

Katelyn Reimer


placeholder image for Aaron Tober

Aaron Tober