Every student, every day.

Code of Conduct


Our code of conduct clearly states attitudes and behaviours based on the school community’s beliefs and values.  It was achieved through the collaboration of students, parents, and teachers. Through the practice of learning and modeling of expected attitudes and behaviours, the code of conduct will help create a successful learning environment for all..

This code complies with the School Act of Alberta, Livingstone Range School Division #68 Board Policy, the Alberta Teacher’s Association Code of Professional Conduct, and the Matthew Halton High School Policy Handbook.

The Purpose of the Code of Conduct

 The purpose of a code of conduct is to create a successful learning environment that ensures: 

  • individual responsibility and accountability to the school community.
  • mutual respect and belonging.
  • the need for the emotional and physical safety of all.
  • the need to protect the rights of all.

 Nine areas form the code of conduct, and each has a brief description of the expectations for that area.


Within Matthew Halton consistency refers to both the set of expectations and the response to those expectations.  At MHHS it is expected that

  • all individuals will uphold the same set of expectations.
  • Staff will have a fair response to behavior in any given situation.  Fair does not necessarily mean equal or the same.
  • taff and other adults will correct and respond appropriately to unacceptable behavior rather than ignore it.


It is expected that individuals at Matthew Haltom will have consideration shown to them in all circumstances and in no way experience any personal violation.  At MHHS it is expected that individuals will:

  • adhere to the expectations set out in the code of conduct.
  • treat others in a manner that allows everyone to feel safe both physically and emotionally  (eg. no bullying).
  •  show consideration to self and others by the way one dresses.
  • treat the physical environment in a way that leaves it in its original (clean, usable) condition.


Appropriateness in attitude and behavior will be suitable to the school environment.  The school maintains a standard of behavior that supports and enhances learning.  At MHHS it is expected that individuals will:

  • use words or pictures that are not derogatory, profane or disrespectful.
  • dress in a manner that complies with the Standard for Acceptable Clothing at School as contained in the school’s handbook and student agendas.
  • use school premises and property with respect for its intended use.
  • refrain from unwarranted touching or physical contact, including physical and verbal expressions of intimacy.


Harmony results from a shared understanding and acting in accordance with that shared understanding.  At MHHS it is expected that individuals will:

  • act in a way that is consistent with the objectives of the school and this code of conduct.
  • be responsible and accountable for one’s attitudes and behaviours.


Ownership is the understanding that attitudes and behaviours are choices made by each individual. These choices create outcomes for which each individual is responsible. At MHHS it is expected that individuals will take ownership for the following:

  • student achievement – students, teachers, parents and the greater school community take individual ownership for their roles in student achievement.
  • Attitude and behavior – individuals are responsible for his or her own attitude and behavior in terms of legal requirements, and expectations set out in the code of conduct. Individuals will show ownership by accepting reasonable correction or consequences, if required.
  • attendance and punctuality – students and teachers alike are expected to be in attendance at school and on time, except for circumstances as outlined in section 12 of the School Act.
  • dress – students, teachers and visitors to the school are expected to cress according to the current standards of acceptable clothing at school as described in the School Handbook and student agendas.
  • school cleanliness – Individuals are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, whether in instructional areas, or common areas of the school;
  • supervision – all staff and parents in the building are responsible for supporting the code of conduct.


Learning is the primary function of a school.  Students attend school in order to learn many things, including the required curriculum as outlined by Alberta Education.  In order for learning to be successful, it is expected that individuals at MHHS will:

  • Be prepared to learn.
  • Support the right of others to learn.
  • Have attitudes and behaviours that support learning.
  • Recognize one’s own learning needs and needs of others;
  • as staff, respond with appropriate pedagogy to individual student learning needs.


Relationships are the essence of human interactions.  Positive relationships in the school are a key element to learner success.  In order to foster positive relationships, it is expected that individuals at MHHS will:

  • treat others in the same way others should treat you.
  • demonstrate integrity by doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • be honest in their dealings with each other  (eg: no stealing, lying etc.);
  • respectfully address each other.


All individuals that attend MHHS have a rightful place in the school, and a right to belong.  In order for that belonging to exist for all, it is expected that individuals at MHHS will:

  • accept our diversity;
  • treat everyone as valued members of the school community;
  • give fair opportunity for all individuals to participate in school life;
  • withhold judgment until all facts are known;
  • respond appropriately to behaviour and consequences, resolve the matter, and then move on;
  • give opportunity for all individuals to have a voice in the school and be heard;
  • act in a manner so that everyone is safe.

Safety and Security

All individuals need to be safe and secure while at school.  In order for all to be safe, it is expected that individuals at MHHS will:

  • follow all procedures, rules, laws, that are in place to ensure our safety  (fire drills, lock downs etc,).
  • as visitors, report to the office and make known their presence and purpose in the school.
  • have designated space to store legal personal items.
  • report any unsafe behaviour or circumstance to the appropriate staff member or administration.