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School Fees

Student Union Fee

Grade 7 – 12


Physical Education Fee

Students will be charged entry fees to activities on a cost-recovery basis. This would include activities such as: swimming, curling, archery, bowling, golf, etc.

Optional Fee: Yearbook

Grade 7 - 12


Optional Fee: Cafeteria Meal Card

Grade 7 – 12

$55.00/10 meals

Optional Fee: Gym Strip

Halton wear can be ordered online here


Enhanced Educational Services

Junior High Complementary Course

Complementary course fees are charged to subsidize the costs of consumable materials such as food supplies, art supplies, wood for construction or metal for fabrication. This is a one-time fee covering all complementary courses for the entire school year (there are 8 courses).

Grade 7 – 9


High School CTS and Art

CTS and art fees charged to subsidize the costs of consumable materials such as food supplies, sewing materials, art supplies, sewing supplies, wood for construction or metal for fabrication. If a student chooses a project that exceeds the cost of the course, there may be additional fees.

Band/Music $ 50.00
Welding $ 40.00
Construction $ 40.00
Foods $ 30.00
Fashion Studies $ 25.00
Art $ 25.00


Experiential Learning Week

Fees will be dependent upon the student’s course selection for the week and will be charged on a cost recovery basis. There are also courses offered at no cost each week.

Class Field Trips

Fees will be charged items such as transportation and entry to events on a cost recovery basis.

Grad Fees

Fees will be charged to Grade 12 students graduating on a cost recovery basis. Banquet fees will be charged per person in addition to the graduation fee.

Extra-Curricular Sports Fees

All extra-curricular sports fees take into account costs for officiating, transportation, lodging, and tournament fees. These fees will be determined when tournaments are confirmed for each team and will be charged to each player on a cost recovery basis.

Gulf Island Trip-Grade 9

This trip occurs annually for Grade 9 students interested in participating. Cost for the entire trip is $1600 (includes bussing, airfare, accommodations, and meals).

Hockey Skills Academy Fees

Fees include practice jersey, sock and t-shirt.

Grade 7-12


Payment of Fees

Senior High Fees & Junior High Fees are due the first day of school. Post-dated cheques (payable to Matthew Halton High School) will be accepted. If a payment plan is required to pay for student fees, please contact the principal to work out details (627-4414). Information regarding online payment will be received on the first day of school (School Cash online).