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"Seasons of Chinook Lake" - Brooke Hammond

“The Lake” by Erica Mackenzie

When the clamour and the noise becomes to loud;

When the hustle and the bustle of the crowd,

Threatens to wrap around you like a shroud.


When all you want to do is escape,

Proud and free, the wild Albertan landscape.

And the strong Rocky Mountains begin to take shape.


Hear the sound of the Red-Winged Blackbird’s call,

The pines all stand mighty and tall.

A new light shines each winter, spring, summer, fall.


On the shore of the tranquil lake,

The silence as fragile as winter’s snowflake,

Glittering in the light of the morning sun at daybreak.


Spring’s greenest grass sprinkled with the dawn’s dew,

And gaze upon the lake’s many hues.

Nature has been renewed.


Wildflowers bloom in every shade,

Calm breezes make them sway,

As summer’s warmth begins to fade.


Fall turns the leaves red, orange and brown,

The land is tied by history to this town.

Chinook Lake is truly Alberta’s crown